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25 August 2009 @ 08:08 pm
It doesn't seem that there is much activity on this website, but I am going to post anyway...trying to get into as many hiv/aids communities as possible.  I've been involved with HIV/AIDS issues now for over 10 years, have many friends LIVING with HIV.  My best friend, however, is being hospitalized currently with full blown AIDS :(.  I am trying to offer him as much support as possible.  I am in Santa Cruz and he is in L.A (wish I was closer)....I'm going to see him this coming weekend.  I'm scared.  He didn't even know he was HIV+...I know that if he can get through this (he has PCP pneumonia and active CMV) he has a chance at getting healthy again.  He wants to live...I love him more than anything in the world...so basically this is why I'm here.  Hi :)
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